Birthday Parties

Little Catbird performs for children’s birthday parties!

We tailor your party music to your child’s age so they have the best party ever! Age ranges between babies to 9 years old, for boys and girls. We play family friendly, feel good folk music with interactive songs, games and puppets.

Party music shows include Little Catbird (voice, ukulele) and Chili Lime (voice, guitar). Along with our music show we bring bubbles, puppets, and go on a birthday parade!

We also offer a TREASURE HUNT add on to our music shows! We’ll set up a treasure hunt where we’ll hide clues and riddles that will lead up to their treasure. We’ll do silly games and activities too! The host can provide goody bags or even the birthday cake as the treasure! The treasure hunt is best for kids ages 5 and older and is not suitable at parks or community centers.

Options for your themed party can include the duo dressed in costume as your party hosts/entertainers.

Contact Alison to schedule your party! (619) 850-8912